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Nocomax Anti-viral Disinfectant Fogging Service

Ability Enterprises is proud to lead the way in decontamination cleaning, with the addition of this TGA approved product to our repertoire of cleaning services.


Capable of treating an area up to 20,000m3, the state-of-the-art Nocomax system is used to treat air and surfaces in a room using a range of biodegradable hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants.


The automated dispersion technology disinfects all surfaces, proven to prevent the spread of disease and pathogens.

Whether you are looking for commercial cleaning, one-off residential cleaning or office cleaning, our experienced team will provide you with an effective disinfectant treatment, giving a much safer environment for your staff, business and the community.

The duration of the fogging treatment is defined by your specific room dimensions and pathogen type present.


Because each treatment is unique, our friendly team will work with you to provide a tailored solution for your requirements.

View our information video now to find out how our professional cleaning service can help you and your business.


Cost saving


TGA approved 


Quick & homogeneous effect on the entire surface

Non corrosive

99.99% Biodegradable

Non toxic

No residue

Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores







Suitable across a wide range of industries

Various options are available to make the system adaptable to your situation.

The process is quick, convenient, safe and allows rapid turnover of areas after treatment

* Ability Enterprises does not claim to cure any disease or outbreak.  We use products which have been produced to Australian and International Standards and have been tested to neutralise areas which have been treated to manufacturer’s guidelines.