Ability Enterprises unveils innovative cleaning solution

Today, Ability Enterprises unveiled their anti-Viral, disinfection fogging machine, capable of treating an area up to 20,000m3. The cleaning solution is biodegradable, non toxic, non corrosive, non allergenic and leaves no residue on treated surfaces.

Ability Enterprises is proud to lead the way in decontamination cleaning, with the addition of this TGA approved product, to their repertoire of cleaning services.

Ability Enterprises is a not-for-profit social enterprise which offers a number of services to the community, including maintenance and cleaning.

Ability Enterprises CEO, Tracey Scanlan, said she is excited to unveil the device, with only one other available in Australia that is able to treat such a large area.

“The fog method dispenses a fine disinfectant mist, and can treat areas as small as a shop or office, up to large spaces such as gymnasiums and school halls, sanitising all areas, even those tricky spots that might often get missed,” said Ms Scanlan.

“More than ever, it is vital our communal areas are regularly cleaned with COVID-19 continuing to spread.” “This fogging method offers a quick and simple solution that can give people peace of mind.”

Ability Enterprises is proud to lead the way in decontamination cleaning, with the addition of this TGA approved product to their repertoire of cleaning services.

“The fog disinfectant safely breaks down by itself, not requiring it to be wiped off after treatment” said Ms Scanlan.

Ability Enterprises provides meaningful employment opportunities to marginalised individuals living in regional Queensland and deliver a quality and consistent service to their customers.  

Since 2012, they have worked alongside more than 200 people facing barriers to employment.

Through strategic community and corporate partnerships, Ability Enterprises supports people living with mental illness, people with a disability, refugees and Indigenous Australians.

“We are proud to work with partners, like QBuild and Toowoomba Regional Council, who recognise the good social enterprise can contribute to the business community,” said Ms Scanlan.

Contact Ability Enterprises today on (07) 4638 7465 to find out more.

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